Aunit-Rally 2019
Be the first to reach the finish line and get a Macbook Pro! Take part in the contest from the "Aunite Group"
and "BTC-Alpha" — buy AUNIT, hold your position on the TOP and win cool prizes!
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Join the AUNIT investors' community and get a chance to win iPad, iPhone X, or Macbook Pro.

You just need to buy 1000 AUNIT tokens to join. However, the more you buy the closer you get to desired prizes.

Get to the TOP and hold your positions until the end of the contest: the main prize will be yours!
The more AUNIT tokens you have,
the better prize you get!
Rating of participants
All participants who bought 1000 or more AUNIT tokens will be eligible to take part in prize draw of 2 iPads and iPhone X. Top 100 investors who have bought the maximum amount of AUNIT tokens will take part in the Macbook Pro draw. The No 1 of the rating is surely awarded an iPad! Keep up with the standings, hold your positions in the TOP and do not allow to overrun yourself!
What is Aunit Rally 2019?
This is your chance to invest in a promising token, make money as its rate changes and receive one of the valuable prizes on the top of that!

Everyone will be eligible for awards: the more participants and the higher the amount of investment, the more valuable prizes you get!

The Aunite Group Corporation is the sponsor of the contest.
We are the first Russian blockchain-based cashback marketplace.

Our auto platform combines the best benefits of payment systems, cashback services, affiliate programs, blockchain and consumer cooperation.

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The competition is running on the BTC-Alpha platform — one of the most popular crypto exchanges!
BTC-Alpha is in the TOP-100 crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume. It offers more than 80 trading instruments as well as the modern trading platform with a large number of indicators, low commissions and the range of bonus programs.

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It is very easy to take part the contest:
Register on the BTC-Alpha exchange and confirm your personal data
Subscribe to the channel of the Aunite Group on Telegram
Buy the amount from 1000 AUNIT tokens on the BTC-Alpha exchange and keep this balance on the account until September 12.
Get a chance to win iPad, iPhone X or Macbook Pro!
Contest terms
1. Duration: from July 15 through September 12, 2019.

To be qualified as a participant, you need:

2.1. Register on the BTC-Alpha exchange and verify your personal data ( via KYC procedure).

2.2. Purchase from 1000 AUNIT tokens on the BTC-Alpha exchange during the contest period *.

2.3. Subscribe to the official channel of the Aunit token on Telegram and be a subscriber until the end of the contest.

3. The contest cryptocurrency pairs include AUNIT/USD, AUNIT/BTC, and AUNIT/ETH.

4. Winners are determined with the help of a random number generator among all participants. The contest results will be broadcasted live on the website aunite.io and the official YouTube channel of Aunite Group.

* ATTENTION! The qualifying number of tokens for the contest for a user is the difference between the purchased and sold number of AUNIT tokens accounted from the start till the end of the contest.

5. Prize pool:

5.1. Main prize Macbook Pro, 1 item. The prize becomes available when the total trading volume on AUNIT/USD on the exchange makes 350 000 000 AUNIT tokens. Top 100 traders who have bought the most number of AUNIT tokens during the promotion period shall participate in this prize draw.

5.2. iPhone X, 1 item. The prize becomes available when the total trading volume on AUNIT/USD on the exchange makes 200 000 000 AUNIT tokens.

5.3. iPad Air, 3 items. The 2 iPads are drawn among the contestants who have bought from 1000 AUNIT tokens whereas 1 iPad is surely awarded to the user who purchased the most number of AUNIT tokens in the status of Hold position during the contest.

6. Prizes to the winners will be sent by regular mail. The winners need to contact technical support on aunite.com in order to confirm their mail address.

7. The winner shall agree to be interviewed by aunite.com, aunite.io, btc-alpha.com, which is the mandatory condition of the award.

8. The Aunite Group and BTC-Alpha are the platforms hosting the contest. The sponsors reserve the right to change the contest terms at their discretion.
Frequently asked questions
Why there is a wrong amount of AUNIT in the rating? I bought more AUNIT, have not sold them, and the rating is much less?
The rating is updated once per hour, so if you bought Aunit recently, the results may not yet appear in the rating. The rating takes into account the number Aunit, bought for Hold (buy-and-hold Aunit purchased on the account, no sales) during the contest period. A prerequisite is the purchase and holding on the exchange.
Is it necessary to buy Aunit at a time, or in parts?
Not necessarily. Can be parts. But the purchase is carried out for Hold, in fact, the competition takes into account the amount of purchased Aunit minus the amount of sold Aunit during the competition. The difference must be at least 1000 Aunit.
I withdrawn Aunit from my account, then sold on the exchange, and then bought at the lower rate. Why am I not in the ranking, does trading not count?
The competition does not take into account Aunit, which were withdrawn from the blockchain or the personal account of Aunite group. Obligatory conditions is that the purchase and Hold on the exchange. If you are actively trading, pay attention that the number of purchased Aunit should be higher than sold by at least 1000 Aunit for the entire period of the competition.
Is verification required?
Yes, to participate in the competition you need to be verified. For verification questions, please contact verification@btc-alpha.com.
What is the best way to top up an account?
You can deposit your account through any of the payment services available on the exchange (Skrill, AdvCash, NYX Money, Perfect Money, Epay).
Where to contact questions about the competition?
Regarding the nuances of participating in Aunit-Rally, please contact the telegram chat https://t.me/btcalpha or via support@btc-alpha.com.
Why is a Russian passport not enough for verification?
In accordance with the international standards for passing KYC, documents must be provided with transliteration in Latin letters, or with a notarized translation.
I've been on the stock exchange for a long time and I don't remember whether I had passed verification, how to check?
Go to the Verification section in the context menu in the upper right corner of the screen. There will be displayed information on the levels of passing KYC.
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