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Earn money in the partnership program of the "International Auto Club" today!
— Income for new partner registrations
— Cash back with every purchase in 600+ online stores
— Income from registrations and purchases of your team
— Discounts in more than 12,000 stores
What is the «International Auto Club»?
International Auto Club is an automated platform that combines the best features of payment systems, cash back services and MLM. This is one of the largest consumer and business communities in Russia and CIS countries. Membership gives you a lot of privileges: from the opportunity to earn big money to discounts in any store in your city and all over Russia, as well as receiving cash back in more than 600 online stores.

Watch the video and find out why more than 600,000 users and 12,000 companies trust us today.
For 3 years we have united:
73 378
partners who build business with the International Autoclub
425 392
active users of the system: consumers, entrepreneurs and partners
15 602
companies that give discounts to members of the International Auto Club
Why do you receive income from
the «International Auto Club»?
By registering new partners
By registering new partners by your team
For your purchases in affiliate stores (cash back)
For purchases of your team in affiliate stores (cash back)
Benefits of partnership with "International Auto Club"
4 types of income for partners
You receive income from personal recommendations, your partner's recommendations, commissions (cash back) from your purchases and purchases of your network of consumers!
100% compliance with the laws of your country
The company was registered in Russia and created by on the principle of consumer cooperation in accordance with the Civil Code and the Law on Cooperation of the Russian Federation
You do not need to buy goods for resale
In the "International Auto Club" you do not buy goods for resale. There are no rigid terms, volumes, plans here.
No regular fees
Become a partner of the "International Auto Club", pay one-time fees and enjoy the benefits of membership for life and without limits!
Housing and auto programs
Membership in the "International Auto Club" allows you to purchase a car, an apartment or a cottage on special preferential terms.
Building a business in any country of in the world
Develop your network and get discounts wherever you are! For the work you will need only a computer or a phone with internet access.
We give you and your team up to 95% of sales to the affiliate program!
Our reward system is unique and most beneficial to partners, because it was invented by the members of the consumer community "International Auto Сlub".

To start your own business or create additional income together with the club, you do not need to have an office, staff and start-up capital.

We have created for you tools and conditions under which you can work from anywhere in the world, and your income depends only on the activity of you and your team!
Dear friends! My name is Nadezhda Popova. This August I became a member of the Consumer Cooperative the "International Auto Club" and I'm really happy I did.
I have had ten years of experience in multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, but I was not getting what I wanted. When I got acquainted with the VIP program, I immediately realized that it was a super opportunity for anyone who wants to get away from debts and credits, and to live richly and happily!

Nadezhda Popova
Gurievsk, 26.11.2016
I haven't worked in the company for very long. But I feel very comfortable here because I can fully apply all my knowledge and experience as a successful MLM manager.
I help people to achieve success by setting achievable goals and then reaching them. I help business owners to find consumers and customers. I help those who work for a boss to gain freedom and excellent income.
By helping other people, I help myself to become happier and richer, because the company generously gives us opportunities to become prosperous!
Natalia Andreevna Kharlamova
Krasnodar, 09.27.2016
Friends and partners! I'm just overwhelmed with good feelings and confidence in my choice - the International Auto Club IS IT!
The company has been on the market for only 2 years and the results are obvious. The decency of the leadership, the creativity of the team and the constant novelty has led us to stable income. My career is growing… and the MOST important thing is buying in bulk - this is KNOW HOW that has not happened before.
I am very proud that I am doing business with this team and will do everything to justify the trust! We are waiting for you in the team of millionaires! It's easy with us!

Usmanov Timur
Almaty, 09.08.2016
How to start earning?
Complete a simple registration and earn in the "International Auto Club" today!
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